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How To Choose The Best Security Guard Service

How To Choose The Best Security Guard Service in Auckland

If you need to have security guards at your place of business or organization to help safeguard your employees, customers and property, you need to first think about what makes a good security guard service to ensure you choose a reputable one.  Although price is important, there are several other factors that you need to consider when hiring a security guard service.

Here are several of the most important factors for you to keep in mind when evaluating different companies:

* Experience and Reputation

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Find out how long the security company has been in business, what their areas of expertise are and what sort of reputation the organization has in the local community.  Ask about their insurance coverage, state licenses and investigate whether there have been any complaints or violations made about the company.  Also ask for references from past customers that you can contact to find out about their experience working with the company.

* Security Guard Recruitment and Personnel

It is absolutely essential that the security guards that a company sends out to your premises are experienced, well-trained and responsible.  Ask about the company’s hiring policies as well as their training programs.  You should also check how their recruitment complies with the NZ government guidelines for security firms. Here is their outline. Does the company perform extensive background checks before hiring new personnel?  Employee retention is also very important in order for the company to retain experienced personnel.  Are their security guards paid fairly and provided with good benefits?  Does the company offer continuing education and advancement opportunities?  These are all very important questions that need to be answered.

* Customer Support

Speak to the office staff to get a good sense of how professional, helpful and communicative they are.  Good customer support is very important, and it all starts with your first contact with the company.  Does the company have a feedback system in place where clients can voice their concerns and suggest improvements?  How does the company respond to unhappy customers?  Also find out if the company provides good support to their security guards when they are out in the field, including good communication systems and contingency plans.

* Use Of Technology

Effective use of technology can provide support to security guards when they are out in the field, enhance safety and improve communications between the security guard company and client.  Technology can be used to help track the whereabouts of security guards, provide them with means of communicating back to the office for support and help to manage how information is conveyed from the security guards to the client.  Do they use mobile technology or are they still on a paper system?  Find out what kinds of technology are employed by a security company to see if they meet your needs.

* All-Inclusive Services

Does the company provide everything that is needed, including liability insurance coverage, all state and local licensing, payroll, weapons and other equipment, uniforms and badges?  How about contingency plans for handling national disasters or emergency situations?

* Memberships And Certifications

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Does the company participate in any certification programs or belong to any professional organizations?  Do they support any local, state or national industry associations by being either a sponsor or active member?  Belonging to industry associations shows that the company is serious and committed to their profession.

Keep in mind that when you hire a security guard service to provide security for your business or organization, you are putting your entity’s safety and well-being into their hands.  That is why it is so important to weigh all of these different factors when evaluating different companies to ensure that you choose the best security guard company for your needs.  Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget any of the important factors that go into making a good security guard service.

* Summary

This article shows that hiring a security guard firm is not simply getting the lowest price from someone with a trained guard dog and a badge. You need to undertake some due diligence to make sure you are hiring a security firm that is well run, has excellent recruitment and the resources to call on in case of a security breach.  For more information about a top security company in Auckland this site can help.

Protecting Auckland Building Sites With Security Patrols

How To Protect Building Sites With Security Patrols

Over the last few years, theft at construction sites has reached all-time highs. Whether this is due to the state of our economy, or the fact that there are more construction projects occurring, theft has definitely been increasing on construction sites today. As a result of crime levels rising at these sites, many contractors have decided to use security patrols with trained security guards to protect their assets. There are many reasons why using surveillance equipment is simply not going to protect a construction site. Using actual people to monitor the facility during the early morning hours is much more effective, especially in regard to deterring criminals who see people in uniform walking around at night. In this article, we will discuss several ways that security patrols can offer a higher level of protection for construction sites, making them a very worthwhile investment for anyone in the construction business.

Different Types Of Criminals

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As you probably know, there are two categories of thieves when it comes to construction sites. The first is the public, individuals that are able to scope the complex and wait for everyone to leave before stealing the merchandise that they want. Unfortunately, there is a second prominent type of criminal that actively steals from construction sites on a regular basis. These are the workers that are employed at the construction site. Although criminals are much more adept at stealing merchandise, construction workers that are employed at a facility know the routines, understand where the equipment is stored, and how to gain access to it when everyone else is gone. In regard to surveillance cameras, they would also know exactly where they are located, making it very easy for them to slip in and take whatever they want without being noticed. For this reason, using security patrols that walk the entire facility every hour may be one of the best ways to deter both types of criminals from getting away with merchandise.

Modern Technology And Security Patrols

Although using security guards can be very beneficial for preventing theft, it is also a good idea to have a plan of action in regard to securing the materials and tools on the site itself. In fact, security guards should be the only ones that have access to these areas at night, making it very difficult for potential thieves to take the merchandise away. Guards cannot be at every location on a facility, and therefore taking the necessary precautions for locking up the materials, tools, and other valuable merchandise on your construction site is definitely in your best interest. That is why using surveillance cameras is a good idea when it comes to monitoring every aspect of your construction site at night. Although the guards will patrol a large portion of the site itself, it’s always good to have potential backup in the form of surveillance cameras and modern technology.

Routines And inside Information

One of the easiest ways to deter a criminal is to use a combination of securing your valuables on a construction site and using a security team to help prevent the potential of theft. If the criminals cannot gain access to the merchandise, and they are fully aware of the site security patrolling the facility at night, this will be the greatest deterrent possible. As long as they are able to see that the area is being patrolled, it will deter most criminals from trying to steal anything, especially if they do not know the security patrol routines that are done on a regular basis.

Finding Security Patrol Companies in Auckland

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The obvious route is to search online for security patrol companies. But it also pays to use old fashioned technology and pick up the phone. You can see some potential service providers here on Yellow Pages.

A couple of companies also come to mind for the quality of service they provide. This security patrol service is a long-standing firm in the security industry. Another that has risen to the top in recent years is Global Security.   Their website has some more detailed information about their patrol and response service. Global have received many accolades so it’s worth checking them out.

Using this information, you should be able to protect your construction site very easily using both modern technology and Auckland security patrols on the site.