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10 Common Problems For Industrial Security Systems

10 Common Problems For Industrial Security Systems

Selecting a security system for an industrial establishment is no longer an easy topic.  In the past night watchmen were hired to patrol and protect the premises. As technology advanced, they were replaced by different alarm systems starting with basic burglar alarms. Later CCTV security cameras were used linked back to an onsite monitoring system. Later expert off-site alarm centres were established and further technologies became available. These included different types of motion and heat detection devices. The security options available continue to increase and so the process of selecting the most suitable security systems becomes ever more complex.   This article addresses some of the more common issues when it comes to selecting industrial security systems.

How do I know if my current security is suitable?

This is a difficult question since there are so many changes in the security options on the market. The best solution is to talk to a security company near you which will be able to give you some guidance.

Which types of security system do I need?

The types of security systems you need follows on from the previous question. The answer will depend upon a lot of variables.  These range from the size of you premises, the various buildings that need protecting, the lighting on-site, the quality of the perimeter and many more. If you have not had a recent security system audit, then you may find you need to install a variety of devices which could include motion or heat detectors, surveillance cameras and other alarm systems.

What are the best places to position my security cameras?

Surveillance camera

Dome camera- image

This will clearly be dependent on the individual premises. Sight-lines, lighting and possible entry points will all have an impact on the positioning of your security devices. A security company will give you an expert assessment on positioning for your security system components.

What is the best way to use and monitor security equipment?

For a very large industrial complex it may be affordable to employ your own on-site security personnel.  However for most companies that is not a viable economic option. The most affordable way t monitor your security systems is to hire a security alarm monitoring company. The best companies run 24/7 so you can choose to have round-the-clock monitoring or only when your premises are closed. They will often have back-up systems too so your premises are protected if ever the main system fails.

Some also have their own security patrols and so can dispatch a security guard if there is anything suspicious on the monitor.

Are there guidelines to install the equipment?

If you choose the low-cost security system option you can find devices at local hard-ware and electronic stores. These are usually adequate for small installations and are relatively easy to set-up.

However for most industrial units you will need something more sophisticated and these can be difficult to set-up correctly. Some electricians claim to be able to commission a security system but for true security it is best to hire a dedicated security company.

How do I know if my security is working properly?

Infra red cameras Auckland

Infra red camera- image airtightsecurityplus

Since each system is different and uses a range of technologies such as infra-red, CCTV or motion detection testing these devices is not something that many people are trained to understand.  Security professionals will be able to test for you and ensure constant operation of your protection systems.

Maintaining and servicing security systems

Again due to the variety and complexity of the different technologies available, servicing and maintaining security systems is a complex task. Most industrial companies find it more cost-effective to hire a security firm that provides regular service and on-going maintenance as part of the contract.

Can I use an electrician to install my security system?

Many companies do turn to an electrician to install security systems however this is often a less than successful approach.  There are a number of reasons for this such as the rapid changes in technology, not knowing the best systems to recommend and a lack of 24-hour support.

What about monitoring my staff?

These days with the relatively low cost for security cameras it is possible for a business owner to monitor staff in various locations around an industrial operation.  However for this to be successful it requires constant monitoring on your lap-top. This is obviously not a viable situation so linking staff security cameras to a professional monitoring service can give that peace of mind when it comes to possible theft or embezzlement by staff.

How much does an industrial security system cost?

The total cost will vary depending on your individual needs. This can cover the amount and type of security you want, the extent of monitoring, servicing and maintenance contracts and many other variables.

Simply looking at cost can be an expensive short-sighted approach but there are a number of good quality security companies so you can find a competitive but high standard security service provider.

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